September 1, 2014

No Rest on this Labor Day

I have some exciting news. We decided to buy the little guy that I tried out this weekend while we were at our lake house on vacation. He will arrive tomorrow evening, and we have a one week trial period during which I will have my vet come check him out. Assuming no crazy health issues are present, and he doesn't suddenly have a personality shift, he will be staying with us for good!

Although I didn't fully intend to buy a horse this weekend, I did go as a serious buyer, because I don't appreciate tire kickers so I certainly don't want to be one. I went armed with all the info the seller gave me plus I had watched his video (see below) about a million times. If all was as described, he seemed like he was definitely worth checking out.

After a short little 30 minute drive, I rolled up to the seller's property with a friend and her niece for company. I am glad I did too, because there was no cell phone service there. Safety first! To our delight the seller also owns a distillery whose tasting room was on site. They make some tasty beverages, one of which is a gin called Show Pony. With a name like that, you know I didn't go home empty handed!

Once we arrived I watched the seller longe him, at my request, because I wanted to see what kind of longe training he had and to see him move without anyone on him. I snapped the photo below right after his longe, which is why it is not a great photo. Despite the fact that he does have a shorter neck, it is not nearly as short as it looks in this photo. Overall he had pretty decent conformation and surprisingly uses his hind end quite well. After that I had her ride him (bareback no less) and then I tacked him up I hopped on.
Everyone, meet Gentry
He is very comfy, and is definitely green. Apparently he had 30 days training this past April, and aside from a half dozen (walking) trail rides, hasn't been in work all summer. Despite the greenness, he's got his w/t/c down and was surprisingly flexible and nicely uphill and soft in the mouth. He is a really easy going guy and definitely has a husband horse/kid horse personality and was quiet and safe on the ground while we were with him. However, he needs a lot more training before I would feel comfortable just letting a beginner take the reins.

He is 15.2h (yet to be verified but seems about right), six years old, and is a clydesdale / thoroughbred cross. Although he's not registered as anything, the seller does have papers from his breeder, so that is a nice bonus to be able to verify his age. I like the fact that he was started later, as it is good for their joints and back, so that's not an issue at all. I think he will be a fun project for me while he gets mileage and then I do anticipate he is going to be a great all around family horse for Hubs, Junior, and family/friends to hop on for a little trail ride when they come to visit.

Now, with the help of several good friends and Hubs,  we are furiously finishing up our fencing project and anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Awesome! Congratulations.

  2. What a cutie! He looks like a great guy :-)

  3. Congrats on the new baby!

  4. Congrats!!!!! He is way cute, the drafty cross will fun for you and perfect for the Hubby and others to ride!

  5. Excited to hear more about him!!

  6. That is so awesome! I can't believe I've been missing this! Congrats!



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