September 16, 2014

Mane Pulling, Check!

I cannot stand long manes. I see friesians and andalusians and think they are lovely. A lovely lovely tangly mess for someone else to deal with. No thank you. I get why people like them. Long flowy beautiful manes cared for just right are lovely to see. But it is a lot of work to get them and keep them that nice. I am lazy and just prefer a tidy and low maintenance mane that doesn't get tangled in my fingers or my tack. So, it was time for Gentry's sorta long and very uneven mane to go!

Not all horses like or tolerate their manes being pulled, so I was curious to see how G-Love would handle it, since his mane had clearly not been pulled in a long long time, if ever. I tied him up to my now well used post and got to work.


Before, long and messy.

After, nice and tidy!

To say that I was pleased with his reaction to having his mane pulled would be a HUGE understatement. I think I got the whole thing pulled in less than 30-minutes. Seriously, this horse is a gold mine. He is just so chill about everything. I am thanking my lucky stars every day I spend with him and starting to re-think if I really need another more "fancy" youngster to bring along.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. Who needs fancy!? I think your new boy is fancy enough. :)

  2. What a great guy. I think the Universe really did have a hand in you two coming together!

  3. I like his new nickname, seems very appropriate! <3

  4. Fancy is as fancy does. :) What a good boy! I just bought one of these 'good boys' the other day, am so enjoying him.

  5. Awww G-love is adorable!

  6. Mr. Gentry looks very tidy and cute :)

  7. I absolutely love him. His face reminds me of a black Thoroughbred/Appaloosa that I used to take lessons on and absolutely loved. That face makes me melt. :) I bet it's the draft in him that makes him so chill. I love draft horses! As you know I absolutely LOVE Friesians, but after roaching Chrome's mane (and my Appy before him was roached too) I'm beginning to think a long mane isn't for me hehe. Our Percheron's mane was gorgeous, but a total nightmare! Actually his tail was worse than his mane. I've never seen a tail that thick and curly. Gentry looks great with a pulled mane. :)



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