August 11, 2014

Moved In!

I am finding it a bit surreal that I own horse property now. We closed on the property and started moving in this past Thursday. I would have blogged sooner, but I just now got the internet connected. I was delighted that we got internet out here. As country as we think our new place is, in reality, we are still pretty urban by Montana farmer/ranch standards.

I just love waking up to this view!

Of course now that we have moved in, I have horses on the brain. It is being curtailed a bit by the fact that we have to fix up our fencing before I can move any horses to the property. However, within the first 48 hours of living here I was offered two horses already, one for free (and about 12 free barn cats). Holy Moley! I guess I best get my tack room set up and do something about that fencing so that when the right horses come along we will be ready to bring them home.

So far the only thing horse related that has gotten sorted out is haying our pasture. Thankfully that will be done in about a week. Although, in my non-experienced haying opinion, it really should have been cut three weeks ago. That and the pasture also needs some weed control, as there are lots of thistle and few other weeds in the mix. But, the guy cutting it uses the crap hay for his cattle, so no biggy there. I have no plans to save it and feed it to horses. Hopefully we can get the pastures in better condition so that we have quality hay for next year.

Hubs thought it was no biggy and we could leave the pasture hay long, but it seems to me that it needs to be cut if for no other reason than rodent control. Our first night here I had giant screech owls on our garage and barn hunting the fields. Also, our old dog has suddenly grown a few years younger and has been mousing like crazy in the gardens. He is currently having the time of his life and is quite the mouse killer. As good as he is at it though, I think it is probably wise to go ahead and take home one of those free barn cats!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. That was fast! Photo tour when you have time? I've seen snippets on facebook and it looks great!

  2. Congrats on the property!

  3. so beautiful, can't wait for more pictures!

  4. So exciting! Can't wait to see more photos and follow your progress

  5. Now that is a stunning view!

  6. Gorgeous view!



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