August 22, 2014

Fence Posts!

The "biggest" project at the moment, which must happen before things freeze, is the fencing. Tonight, Part 1 of the fencing project commenced.

We have about 30 posts that have failed. I am guessing these are mostly all original posts, and probably 20-30 years old. One of Hub's best friends just so happens to own a fencing business. His parent's also happen to be moving to our town and have hired Hubs (who is an Architect) to design what will be one friggin' beautiful huge home. So, old friend DR and his folks were in town today to look at their new acreage and discuss design stuff with Hubs. Since everyone was in town and it's a friday evening, Hubs was able to sweet talk DR into bringing his post driver with him and replace our failed posts, and add new additional ones to the dry lot. DR is my hero right now!

Removing an old post.

Driving a new post.
Honestly, this machine is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It pounds a 5" diameter driver post into the ground in about 30 seconds! In my imagination, we were going to be out there for months (MONTHS!) with a stupid post hole digger and a post pounder replacing posts. This thing rocks. Also the fact that they are doing this in the pouring rain, really makes me appreciate the awesome boys in my life even more.

New "driver" posts. Untreated. Doh. Apparently, despite my concern for horses ingesting treated wood, DR informed us that we still should have ordered treated posts. I guess untreated will only last about 5 years vs. 20 for treated. Live and learn. Oh, well. All future posts will be treated.

Rails for the dry lot. It's hard not to picture them as jump poles. Where is my paint?

Incase you can't tell (I couldn't):
I was informed by Junior that dump truck is pulling the horse trailer!

One very wet and happy english shepherd.

New fence posts.

So stinking cute...Insisting that Daddy drive the post driver.

Junior had a great time watching, and kept insisting that "Daddy drive it"! I guess he's used to Hubs doing the driving around these parts. Junior was not satisfied that DR was doing the driving. Such cuteness.

So, that's about it for the evening. It got dark before the boys finished up, so there are a few posts left to do in the morning. For now we are enjoying drying off, a yummy warm meal, and good company. Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. How exciting! The pieces are all falling into place.



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