July 15, 2014

Horse Property At Long Last

Lots of updates on the land/farm search. We found an existing farm. Assuming it all works out we won't be building a house after all. Given Junior's age at the moment, honestly it is probably best that we won't be building. Maybe in the future. Like 20 years from now. I am already over the moving thing. Anyway, we are under contract and I am beside myself with excitement. You can read all about it on my farm blog: www.fastforksfarm.blogspot.com.

This of course has me thinking/passively horse shopping already. So many possibilities out there! I'm going to have to really sit down and hone in on exactly what I want to do when it comes to the horse hunt.

So far all I've got figured out is that I'm going to need to find my prospect horse (most likely a Gatsby colt), and a husband/kid horse that I can pony the baby horse off of and play around with/take on trail rides while the colt grows up.

Remember these guy's? Yep, they are both still available.

Beacon (yearling) - By Gatsby out of TB mare

Doc (2 year old) - By Richard out of Irish Sport Horse mare

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. That white face...swoon! So exciting about a new farm!

    1. I know! He has a belly spot on the other side too. I have never been into that kind of white, but for some reason I can't stop thinking about this guy.

  2. Congratulations! You must be crazy excited! And for the record, I'm always a sucker for lots of chrome! Love them both!

  3. I need to get caught up on your other blog! I'm so excited you found a place. I have to agree with you on the whole moving thing... I'm so over the building thing lol. I'm ready to be done already! The babies are cute. I look forward to following your horse shopping and young horse raising and teaching baby to ride and everything else horsey!! :D How is Rose doing? Have you had an update from her in a while?



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