June 10, 2014

Under Contract!

That's right! Things are happening on the real estate front.  Our lovely golf course home is under contract at long last. Now the exciting task of seriously shopping for acreage and building begins! I have started a new blog about all things farm related, which you can follow if you want.  I do plan on keeping this blog only about training (my future colt...eek!). The new blog is fastforksfarm.blogspot.com. so check in there if you want to hear all about what I'm sure will be ups and downs about the whole process of building and developing our horse property.

Trading this view (which I will miss)...

...for hopefully this one!


  1. Yay so exciting!!!!!! Both views are lovely. Your mountains are so pretty. :D I'll go check out the other blog. I can't wait to hear all about it!



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