June 16, 2014

Crazy busy

Hugo should have some shoes on his toes by now. I haven't heard otherwise, so I am assuming all went well. Right now we are very busy with designing our house, finding a temporary place to live, and buying land. Normally that wouldn't be enough to keep me from getting a little pony time in, however I also am slammed busy with work this week. Work that I have to wrap up before Saturday, because then we go on vacation for a week. Yea vacation, poo crummy timing. So alas, that means no pony riding for met this week or next. Things are likely to be a bit quiet on this blog during that time. Sorry folks. I'll be lurking on all your blogs in the mean time.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

June 10, 2014

Under Contract!

That's right! Things are happening on the real estate front.  Our lovely golf course home is under contract at long last. Now the exciting task of seriously shopping for acreage and building begins! I have started a new blog about all things farm related, which you can follow if you want.  I do plan on keeping this blog only about training (my future colt...eek!). The new blog is fastforksfarm.blogspot.com. so check in there if you want to hear all about what I'm sure will be ups and downs about the whole process of building and developing our horse property.

Trading this view (which I will miss)...

...for hopefully this one!

June 3, 2014


On Saturday I got to announce a Montana Hunter Jumper Show here in town, which a good friend of mine put on. It was a great day and a great show. I think I even did a pretty good job of announcing as well. I was a bit nervous as I had never announced a show before. However, I do have plenty of public speaking experience, so I figured what the heck, I'd give it a go. I ended up having a great time, although it was a little odd being at a show and not showing! Something I will likely have to get used to for the next few years.

My favorite part of the show however was the short stirrup division. Why, you might ask? Because of this:


If being surrounded by cute little hunter ponies wasn't fabulous enough, suddenly I realized I was calling the name of a certain pony stallion from our old barn. It was Flip! AKA Forrest Prince. 

4 year old, Forrest Prince
Isn't he just the cutest little hunter pony stallion ever? Now, not do I only want to have a pony, I have been having insane (and by insane I do mean literally crazy person) thoughts about breeding a pony by him. He is a registered ISR/Oldenburg pony and has been approved as a stud. This summer is the start of his breeding/campaigning career and he will be going to the ISR/Oldenburg NA Stallion Test in September. I can't leave you all hanging with just a still image of the little man though, so I  also managed to take a video of his 2'3" round!

Here is a link to his website if you want to know more: http://www.bridgercanyonstallionstation.com/forrestprince.htm

Seriously. Ponies! PONIES! P O N I E S ! ! !

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


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