January 3, 2014

And the winner is...

Thank you everyone that sent in photos for my portrait contest. It was actually really hard to pick a winner, as there were so many wonderful and sentimental photos sent in. However, I had to stick with overall composition and contrast of light and shadows on the horses bodies which works best with my style of painting. Drum roll please...

The winner is Dom from A Collection of Madcap Escapades. This is a photo of her standard bred gelding Oz.

To my lucky winner: no promises on when it will be ready, but I am hoping for the end of January but more likely sometime in February. I'll be in touch via email when it is ready. Thank you all so much for sending in entries and I hope everyone is enjoying the new year.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Love that 1st photo! Will be a great painting.

  2. That first photo is stunning! I can definitely see why it beat mine!! Haha. And of course, the foals are adorable :-)

  3. Hooray! I'm excited :) Ozzy will be flattered ;)

  4. Dang, I have been so busy I haven't taken any pictures at all. I was really hoping to take something to enter, but oh well. I love the pictures that won. :) Congrats guys!

  5. Would you be interested in an already set up horse property? We may consider selling...don't know if we would be in your price range or not!!
    Pat Hess



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