December 8, 2013

A christmas Beacon perhaps?

This adorable Gatstby colt is for sale. His asking price is completely beyond on the upper end of my budget, but every time I think about breeding I worry about what could go wrong in terms of  $$$ (granted there is broodmare insurance...which I recently learned about, but I don't yet know the ins and outs of that). This little guy is exactly what I want in terms of looks. The ONLY thing that is keeping me from really harassing my husband about driving to Maryland and hauling him home is the -19f weather fact that he's 3/4 TB.

Now, I am not an anti TB person. The best horse I've ever owned was an OTTB. However, not being an eventer, I prefer big broad horses to super fast ones. I worry that this guy will grow up to be too narrow for me despite the 1/4 Hanoverian. It's torture really, because otherwise he is perfect. He'll definitely be tall enough to take up my leg regardless of girth. So maybe it's not an issue. I think I would just prefer a horse that has no chrome but is 3/4 Hanovarian to chrome and 3/4 TB. In addition, I think about costs. If I am going the TB route it seems more sensible to pick up a OTTB project for 1/4 (or less) of the price. So, there is that too.

On a total side note, now that Gingham is in the motherly way, the thought did cross my mind to see if she'd agree to an embryo tranfer off her fabulous Hanoverian mare Prairie. Gatsby x Prairie...drool... Now that would be my dream horse!

But darn isn't Beacon cute? And he's a Gatsby baby. This horse is seriously drool worthy. Here's a link to his sales ad if you are in the market. He's going to make someone a really happy owner I just know it.

As for the property search it continues. We are just about ready to put our house on the market. At this rate I think we will wait until after the holidays. That should make staging the house a bit more simple. For now though we are finally hanging drapery. The house has needed them for so long. It is going to be hard to sell once all these little improvements are finished.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Heaven to Betsy he is a cutie! I love the chrome! Good luck finding your dream property!

  2. very cute. Prairie + Gatsby would likely yield some pretty amazing offspring

  3. He's adorable. Coming from someone who has been part of breeding a mare, and then later on just buying a baby, I'd totally go the "buy what you want" route. There are SO many areas for breeding to go wrong and there's really nothing cheap about it either.

  4. Good luck selling the house. I hope it sells quickly and that you find the perfect horse property!

    Also I had no idea Gingham is pregnant! I have to go catch up on her blog now lol.

  5. I love my OTTB, but I agree. If he was 1/2 TB it'd be more tempting to me... but at 3/4 you can probably find a similar quality OTTB if you look hard enough :)

  6. Hey now, TBs can be beefy! Of the three OTTBs I've had, 1 was build like a QH, 1 was narrow, and my current horse is built like a tank and looks like a WB. Just sayin :) He sure is cute!

  7. My goodness, an ET on Praire would be TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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