November 22, 2013

My Horsey Future

Being horseless makes it hard to keep up with regular posting due to lack of fodder. I do hope to have a lot to blog about again soon, and rest assured I'm not leaving the bloggosphere. This blog is staying right here, and staying alive. Until I have a new horse this blog will just be slow. I will still post when things come up, but my posts are likely to be few and far between for the rest of the winter.

The current game plan, in terms of my horsey future, is that we are currently listing our house and searching for horse property. Once we finally own a nice horse friendly plot of land the horse search will begin. I am very excited for the future, but for now I am trying to enjoy the perks of a horse free life. I've had a horse for so long now I had forgotten how much more you can do with your finances when you don't have board, feed, vet bill, tack, and equipment to pay for and maintain. It's been a bit of a (pleasant) shock really.

The main non-horse thing I'm working on at the most is doing little renovation and interior decorating projects around our house. These are things that I wanted to do three years ago when we moved back, but never got around to due to lack of time (horse) and finances (horse). So now I'm reveling in them. The house is starting to really look like a place that I want to live in, which when it is finished is going to make selling it rather bittersweet.

I will post about much of these domestic adventures on my other blog: So if you are interested in hearing my random tales of being a work/stay-at-home-mom coupled with house renovation/decoration topics, feel free to follow my other blog. I'll likely be posting there more regularly for the time being.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Heres to land and a new horse soon! :)

  2. I hope you find good horsey land! It would be cool to wake up in the morning and look out your window, seeing your horse in the pasture.

  3. I love having my horses in my backyard! Good luck!

  4. I have a friend who lives about a mile from me and is thinking of selling her home and 5 acres. It's a very nice home (not huge but big enough and an open design), separate garage/shop and at the end of a low traffic road. It's not set up for horses yet but would certainly be perfect for one or two horses after some fencing etc. The price she told me her realtor told her she should ask for it was shockingly low (to me). You know where I live and she's about a mile from me. I thought of you the minute she said she was thinking of selling! Pat Hess

    1. Pat, that sounds right up our alley. I'd love to hear more!



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