October 18, 2013

Reality Check

Thanks everyone for your comments about Holliday. I was really touched and encouraged by all your heartfelt enthusiasm. I was actually moving forward with the purchase, as the owner agreed to a two week trial, delivery, and a killer deal of a price. Then this morning at 6:30am while I was sitting on the living room area rug in front of the fireplace with JR and Bourke, I had a moment of clarity. This is all I have time for. Raising a toddler and grooming a dog. My his coat is looking really good these days and his nails that had long been neglected are in great shape again.

Then, as I walked to the coffee pot to make my morning cup of joe, I checked my blog and noticed a new comment. Ashley quite eloquently stated everything that my super-ego was trying to get through my consciousness and past my lala-land horse crazy id that had been running wild the past few days. My id hates when that happens. Sorry for the psycho babble, my dad is a shrink so it just kind of spews from time to time. If you haven't has psych 101 here is a link that explains the id, super-ego, and ego. When you go to college, take psych 101 it is fascinating stuff and a lot of it actually applies to horse training.

Holliday really is one of those awesome opportunities that don't come along often (very much like Rose was). I know I will be thinking about and regretting passing him up for some time. However, anyway I look at it the timing is bad. Bad timing all around. If any of you are in the market for a young prospect, I would really encourage you to contact his owner. She's really great and is in need of selling quite a few of her prospects, so she's really willing to work with the buyers. http://www.warmblood-sales.com/HorseDetail.asp?HorseID=33176&UserID=3399

At least I have Hugo to play with, and once the evenings get too dark too early for me to ride him I'm hoping that I might convince Hubs to take a long lunch on Wednesdays so that I can still at least go play with him on the longeline, if not ride. We'll see.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Sorry it isn't going to work out, but I'm a big believer in your gut instinct and sounds like deep down you know it's not a good idea.

  2. I think you are very smart to wait!

  3. Sorry that it didn't work out. Maybe waiting is a good idea, because there may just be another horse out there waiting for you, in particular. You never know.

  4. Ashley's right and you're right. So glad you decided to wait--you have a full plate as it is and moving or building a new house is going to be a massive time suck. He's adorable and cool and cheap and everything, but it's not right for you right now. Good call. :)

    Not that it makes life easier.

  5. There will be others :)

  6. Agreed, Ashley is so smart and you're so smart! Soak up these non-pony ownership moments where there are no vet visits, vet bills, barn bills, feed bills, shoeing bills, chiro bills, acupuncture bills, tack bills, late nights, early mornings, thrown shoes, ripped blankets, swollen limbs, flat trailer tires, crazy barn owners, sore feet, sore muscles...(I'm beginning to see why horse lovers are so stressed out all the time!!). When you do buy, I cant wait to see what lovely horse finds his/her way into your heart <3

  7. Hey! I'm so glad my comment helped you make that decision :) I think waiting is going to bless you x10! I wish you were closer so you could help me turn Olivia into half the horse Rose is!

  8. A hard decision but a good one. I believe in fate (worked for me) so I just betcha that down the road, when time is more generous and provides quality, something awesome is going to come your way! :)

  9. I found your blog though Polka Dot Periodical and applaud your decision to wait. I tend to get my self in over my head as well and end up buried in work and not enough time to really enjoy riding! Can't wait to get some pointers from you in the future!



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