October 3, 2013

Hello there winter

It's official. Our two week period of "fall" weather has abruptly ended. It is all white and snowy outside. I'm feeling very happy with myself that I rode Hugo last night. The last night of fall as it turns out. Winter is good though. It means no rain and no mud. I'll take it. However, I don't have as much to celebrate about the season change without having a horse to incessantly worry about and fawn over anymore. I keep catching myself looking at the weather and habitually worry about Rose and blankets until I remember that she isn't here anymore. It's weird.

Due to the winter weather and EB's outdoor non-lit arena my riding time on Hugo will probably come to an end sometime this month, and certainly on November 3rd when daylight savings time ends. I wish they would just keep daylight savings time all year and stop this silly switch. Not only is it annoying for anyone who holds down a job (be it a legitimate paying one or a stay at home mom, ahem) that would like to ride after work, but now that I have a baby I find myself stressing non-stop about the upcoming time change and how it will effect JR's schedule and send his sleep pattern into a downward spiral of torture and torment once again. Gah.

So now what will I do for the winter withoug Hugo to ride? Hopefully it will be a good snow year and I can get lots of skiing in. I've said that for the last two years but there has been a noticeable lack of snow. I can always keep jogging I guess....

Or maybe, just maybe, the right youngster at the right time will come along sometime soon...

Happy trails and swooshing tails! 


  1. Hope you have fun whatever you decide to do. :)

  2. Youngster! Youngster! Youngster! :)

  3. I totally agree with the daylight savings time annoyance. Who do we need to write to get them to change that!? :) It's silly!

    1. Maybe we should start a white house petition? Fed up horse bloggers take down daylight savings time! LOL.



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