September 6, 2013

Spring Cleaning & Tack For Sale

I love getting things organized and getting rid of things I do not use and likely will not have a use for again. Once Rose left, and all my barn things came home, it was time to clean out the trailer and organize all of my tack and equipment. First I like to assess everything at once. This requires locating everything and pulling it all out where I can meticulously go through it. To be honest, I am overly anal about being organized, so a lot of my things were already organized, but just needed to be gone through for the gleaning and re-organizing process.

The loot (not pictured is a closet in my home office that stores my saddles and girth):
Lots of stuff in and on the trunks to the left, piles of blankets to wash/repair and trash cans for feed filled with buckets, grain scoops and feed pans.

Messy tack room that hasn't been cleaned for (sigh) two years.

A tower of tack, horse vacuum, and equipment in tubs hiding in a corner of the garage and also exploding into the local vicinity.

 The final results:
Everything except the dirty blankets neatly stored and tubs labeled with detail lists of contents. The tubs will go up high on storage shelves and only contain things that I need once I have another horse. Sadly, I have a feeling that they will be collecting dust for a while. The trunks hold my riding gear, which I still plan on accessing regularly. 

Swept, dusted, and vacuumed tack room.

Dusted and swept out trailer (forgot the before pic, sorry. Basically it just had lots of hay dust and fine manure remnants).

My 8 (turning 9) year old English shadow Shepherd Bourke. He's kind of taken a back burner in the last four years, but is now being once again tortured spoiled with regular baths and constant grooming. I imagine he'll be a bit more a feature in my blog in the foreseeable future. So everyone, meet Bourke!

That's it. Spring cleaning galore. I've also ended up with a nice list of things for sale, which are featured on my next post here:

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. I'll take one of the white contoured baby pads w/ black piping!!
    Email me so I know what your PayPal email is and let me know what shipping/total cost will be!

    estout18 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. My friend Amy wants the $50 heavy weight blanket. She cant remember her password to comment so send her a paypal invoice at :)

  3. Loved seeing all this stuff!(drool). I'm getting a horse of my own in the near future. Well, actually, I'm still in the process of saving up money but you can imagine how excited I was when I realized that you are having a super tack yard/blog sale. I'm only thirteen, though. It was nice finding your blog though and I would love to follow. I, too, am a horse blogger.

  4. I read your bio and realized that I'm just like you were at that age(crazy about horses and wanting one so bad). I haven't ridden yet. Nobody in my area teaches English riding. :( :( Like i said in my other comment, I am saving for a horse of my own and love following horse bloggers to read more about the horse world, make friends, and possibly even get insight to how it is owning horses. Glad I found your blog.

  5. Wow! Love the organization. Not in need of any of your items but I will share a link to this post on my blog tomorrow :)



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