September 4, 2013

She arrived...

I got the call Tuesday afternoon that Rose had arrived at her new Colorado home. She traveled very well, not a bruise or a scrape, and was settling in nicely. That's not news to me. That's always been par for the course with Rose. She's always been quiet and relaxed in the trailer. The only difficulty they had was loading her in the trailer the next morning. Not much trouble by any means, she was happy to put her front feet on the trailer but needed a little dressage whip encouragement from behind to get all the way on. Her new owner didn't seem much bothered by this, I think it was more of an informational tid bit during our conversation than anything else.

Given that Rose was being asked to get on yet another new/different trailer after a very long haul the day before, and this time by someone she doesn't know, I'm not to surprised she was reluctant to hop straight on. Once they get to know each other a bit more and Rose gets hauled around more frequently she'll be back to hopping straight on the trailer again I'm sure.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Glad she made it safe and sound

  2. So glad to hear she's there safe and sound :)

  3. So glad to hear that all went well! I'm curious if I'll get to see her around, I'm in Colorado and I go and Jump Judge for Cross Country at a couple 3 Day Events every year, if I see her out on course sometime I'll take a picture and send it your way :)

  4. Bittersweet, but glad she is safe. :)

  5. Happy Rose traveled well!

  6. Welcome home sweet girl! I know her new owner must be elated to have her. All of your hard work has made her into an exceptional horse! She will succeed in life...this we know for sure :) <3



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