September 30, 2013

Hugo Pics

As I mentioned earlier Hugo is a supposed five year old OTTB. He is tattooed but it is really faded, so looking it up hasn't happened yet. EB adopted him from a horse rescue who got him from the loose horse sale at a local auction house. He was very malnourished, but other wise a sweet heart. It's unknown why his previous owners who got him from the track dumped him at auction, but apparently all they used him for was trail riding. Reading between the lines my best guess is that he was a hard keeper and if all they did was walk on trail rides and he bolted and dumped/scared them then those two things would probably be enough for them to dump him. It would be great to get a read on that tattoo to try and fill in more info on his history. So that's all we know about him. He's a great find though and has a lot of potential, so I am really excited for EB and to see where they go.

Conformation photo. Built to jump not just to run!

On the go.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!



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