August 1, 2013

This jumping stuff is fun!

MM is out of town this week and the next two (she's getting married), so that means I'm Rose's only rider. Coincidentally, yesterday I finally wrapped up my insane workload  work projects that have had me run ragged for the last three weeks, so I was actually able to go to the barn, guilt free, yesterday evening to ride. I was happy to have a very calm chill (not in heat) horse waiting for me in her paddock. Her energy level was night and day compared to Sunday. Even now...almost four years later I am still dumbstruck by how distracted and full of energy mares in heat can become. I do count myself lucky that she's still good under saddle when in heat. It's passed now though, so she was back to normal, no longeing needed.

I decided to ride her in my hunt tack again and put up our little jump. I rode without spurs again, and although it wasn't a problem (I didn't need them to correct any naughty behavior) they would have been nice to have during our flat warm up to get her off my leg a bit easier. I definitely had to work harder that I would have liked. However, once it comes to the jumping, she automatically gets a bit more forward and I usually take my spurs off. Her forwardness these past two time's I've jumped her doesn't seem to be anxiety driven, as it is not out of control, she just seems to be interested in doing something new. This time I started with the little ex, trotting it right from the start (no walking over it first) and then I put it up to an 18" vertical until we were going through it nicely, and then  I put i up to a 2' vertical and we did that a couple times and ended on a positive note. Next time we jump I'll be putting up a little combination and skip the 18" vertical, just go straight from ex to 2' vertical. My goal is to be jumping her 2'6" by the end of September in preparation for a little hunter schooling show we will be going to. It's great to have jumping be fun again!

It is amazing that putting shoes on her has made such a difference. At some point I'll stop beating myself up for not having put them on sooner...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Yay shoes! It's amazing what a difference they make. :)

  2. Don't beat yourself up over it you didn't know and you didn't know until you tried. :)



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