August 22, 2013

Stretching it out

Chilling in the cross ties...because that's how we roll.
I had a nice relaxing ride on Rose this evening. I needed to de-worm her today and I never like my horses to raise their body temp too much the same day that I de-worm them. However the thought of not riding just wasn't appealing since I was there and dressed for the occasion. So I decided to just ride in the cool indoor arena and work on walk-trot transitions and stretching down and onto the bit without leaning on the bit.

Just being in the mindset that I wanted to work on something productive, but keep it easy and relaxed somehow made the evening ride uber pleasant. Rose was fantastic. Nice and light on the bit yet stretching down and really allowing her body to follow her nose around corners and circles. It was just utterly relaxing and enjoyable yet I feel like we accomplished so much. It was probably one of our best rides ever! I hope to be able to replicate it the next two days, adding in a bit of canter work as well.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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