August 27, 2013

She's moving south...

Today was the day that Rose found her new person. I've been keeping things on the down-low, because honestly after enough tire kickers come along for pony rides, one stops anticipating that a horse sale might actually go through.

About a month ago a gal from Colorado contacted me to see if Rose was still for sale. At this point, as you all know, I had decided to take her off the market and try and just make my crazy post-baby life somewhat work with a show horse. To be honest, it wasn't working, but I was trying. So of course I said that they were welcome to come take a look and I'd entertain an offer. They liked her a lot and arranged to come back up from Colorado today for the vet check and potential purchase. Check and check (literally).

After transferring all her paperwork, I suddenly realized that in the course of a couple hours Rose was no longer my horse. I've only mentioned the sale to a couple of my relatives/friends, as most people I know don't even care know that I have a horse. However the few that I have told have all asked me "how do I feel". I can't really say. I'm kind of numb to it. Rose is still here after all, and will be for a week or two longer. The new owner would like me to still ride her if I have time and of course I'll be there to help load her and say good bye. I think that is when it will hit me that she's gone. I think that is when it will get "real".

The new owner is an eventer and a really nice gal. She's welcomed me to visit her and Rose anytime I'm in Colorado. I do have several friends that have moved down there in the past few years, so it is likely that I'd be down for a visit at some point in the future. I am excited to see where she takes Rose in the eventing world. I have a feeling she's going to rock Prelim...but baby steps. She's yet to even jump a cross country log! So, I am very happy about who I sold her to and that definitely makes it easier. I will miss my girl that I know for sure. Now I'm just left to wonder how I am going to cope without a horse for the first time in four years. Back to begging rides off of friends I suppose. That is until we purchase land. Then the colt shopping will start and a whole new adventure in colt starting will begin.

For now though I'm just gonna sit back and try and let it sink in that I just sold my horse. Weirdness.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Congrats on finding her a new person! Here's wishing her a bright, happy future.

  2. I am so so sad... My girl Rose... She's the reason I have my sweet Olivia!! Please keep us updated and post pics up until she leaves! It will be nice for you... Somewhat of a relief I suppose. It's hard to juggle life and horses. Best wishes! Keep in touch with us please please!

    1. It will be a relief, but definitely a big hole. I'm just going to have to keep my eyes and ears open for another Gatsby baby. If you hear of any let me know!

  3. Congrats on the sale. She will be their everything I am sure. And you will find another.

  4. Bittersweet, I am sure! I have so enjoyed following Rose's progress - as Riva and Rose have almost the same birth date and similar breeding. Congrats to the very lucky new owner :)

  5. Congrats to the lucky new owner and best of luck to Rose in her future. I know everyone always says "there will be other horses," but that doesn't mean it will be easy. Hugs!

  6. Mixed emotions I'm sure, but congrats on the sale. Sounds like a lovely home and you won't be horseless forever!

  7. Glad she found another good home, because you gave her a good home too. At least you have an excuse to visit.

  8. I'm a little disappointed because I thought you had decided to keep her, but I'm happy she's going to go to a good home and excited that she will be an eventer. That is so cool! What made you change your mind?



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