August 24, 2013

Photo Day!

Today I wrapped up my "week" of riding (three days in a row...woot-woot). We continued to work on our stretching down onto the bit and had a third lovely ride. One exception though, we rode outside, at breakfast time, so Miss Thing was a bit distracted at first, despite getting to mow down a flake of hay pre-ride. Normally I would have still ridden in the indoor given all the distractions, but today I couldn't due to photographer demands! Hubs and JR come out to the barn today and took some photos of Rose and I. In addition to just getting some nice updated photos that show how much more loft she has in her gates now that she's shod, JR got to get on her for the first time.

Trot. Look at all those lovely hooves off the ground!

Extended trot. A bit behind the vertical...but I've never
asked her to do an extended trot before. She was rather surprised
and cantered the first time, lol! She enjoyed it after that though.

Square halt. Oh yes, she loves the halt!

JR "riding" Rose for the first time. Fret not, he does not
run around the barn barefoot, but was transferred from the
cameraman's backpack directly up to me and then back.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. She's maturing so nicely! And the pic with JR is so adorable.

  2. Rose is gorgeous! She has grown into such a lovely mare. The baby is not bad either :)

  3. Wow she looks absolutely fantastic!

  4. She looks lovely!! And yay for JR's first ride!!! Get him started young hehehe.



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