August 18, 2013

Hosing her head

I have a sneaking suspicion that this blog title will get me hits from rather odd sources. Read on...

Rose had the past two weeks off as we were on vacation and then I wasn't able to get to the barn, other than for her shoeing on Tuesday, until the weekend. I managed to get to the barn this weekend, both mornings! I even managed to get there early enough this morning to ride outside. Yesterday, after our ride, Rose got an over due and well needed main pulling and bath. She has randomly taken to having her head hosed off this year. I'm quite pleased with that as sponging off her soapy head used to be quite time consuming. I don't know if it was my constant attempts at hosing her head off that got us to this point, or if she just decided it was okay, but she suddenly really likes the hose on her head.

Basically, I discovered a long while back that if I bathed her after our ride (duh) she liked drinking from the hose. Now, if you go way back in her history, you'll read all about how she was TERRIFIED of hoses when I brought her home, and it took me a while to get her to the point where I could bath her with a hose. Fast forward to this year. We've calmly and happily been bathing in the wash stall for years now (wow years, I've owned her for years). Once I discovered her thirst quenching enjoyment of drinking from the hose, I would always attempt to get a little bit of water on her face with the hose. Ever so slowly I would try to get more and more of her face wet. Then all of a sudden a month ago during her previous bath she let me put the hose on her poll and have the water run down her face. Since that was successful, during her bath on Saturday, I let her drink from the hose and then just went the full Monty with the hose on her poll and she was completely fine with it and seemed to enjoy it. Success!

Just one more little thing that she's overcome for good.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. That's awesome, and a true testament to slow and steady work!

  2. I still cant get over how similar these G babies are! Olivia LOVES drinking from the hose after we do anything. She almost gets upset if I don't stop to let her get a sip. She turns her head around as far as she can in the cross ties as though saying "hey, come back here with that hose!!" Too funny!

  3. We have just gotten to that milestone also! Well, almost - Riva likes the fine mist setting first on her face and then I can move it up to full spray (with a drink out of the hose first, of course!)



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