August 14, 2013

First re-set

Well, as expected that was uneventful. Seriously, Rose acted like she'd been shod her whole life. The inter-webs say "pic or it didn't happen" so here you go:

Why is the fact that this is a non-issue so great? It means that this was the last time that I "have" to be at the barn for her shoeing from now on. JS is happy to catch her (yea for having an easy horse to catch) and shoe her without me there. Unlike every other farrier I've had he prefers to work with her tied rather than me holding her. Yea! I will certainly miss out on the chit chat, as he is one fun farrier to hang with, but I won't have to stress over morning child care arrangements. Ah...just another example in which having a child completely changes one's life.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Glad she was good for the shoeing!

  2. She is looking awesome. :) Glad she was good.

  3. Not having to be there for shoeing is a blessing. Hope this is the last time!



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