July 16, 2013

Share your blog!

Recently I gained another follower. That makes 90 of you, and I thank you all very much for having enough interest in what I write that you follow along on our adventures. I try and keep this blog interesting and fun, so I hope that reflects in my writing.

I also think about you all a lot too. I try and click on your profiles when I notice a new follower to check out your blogs and I've steadily added to my list and rss reader. I know that I've missed a lot of you though, and cyber stalking going through profiles can be time consuming. That got me thinking. Any of you who would like to share your blog with others, please list it in the comments below. I'll keep this post updated and add your blogs to the list. I do have one rule though, you must post at least once a month to get your blog on the list.

I'm sure I'll discover a few new one that I haven't read yet, and I'm excited!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Was gonna share but realize you already follow :)

  2. www.theeashke.blogspot.com

    And I post frequently. :) Lots of pictures.

  3. This is a great idea! My blog is Fly On Over: flyonover.blogspot.com

  4. Great idea!!!

    In Omnia Paratus at liz-stout.blogspot.com

    1. Liz, I love your current post! I may just have to also copy the idea...

  5. I have 2 Morabs and blog about trail riding. My sister just bought a Morgan, and we are getting him out on the trail. Read about our adventures here:

  6. Fun! I'll share. pony3express.blogspot.com

    I post about all sorts of things. Mostly horses with some breast cancer post thrown in. I just recently purchased a Welsh Cob filly and I'm sure the next years will be full of adventures!

  7. Such a good idea mines thewaytoheavenisonhorseback.blogspot.co.uk I update frequently and try to include lots of pictures!

  8. I'm a free lance horse trainer, photographer, and animal rescuer always up for an adventure. I blog several times a week :)


  9. Great idea :-) I'm Kat at http://thesixthstride.blogspot.com/ and I post at least once or ore a week.

  10. Good idea - I'm new around here and always looking for new blogs that post a lot!


  11. Ahh! I don't have time for the blogs I already follow! I don't need more lol. This is a great idea though. :D

    I have a Percheron, Friesian/Arabian cross and a donkey. I normally post frequently with lots of pictures. I'm training my four year old Friesian cross under saddle right now... well if it would cool off I would lol. http://rdxhorses.blogspot.com

  12. Come visit us at The Polka Dot Periodical...I work full time, am getting hitched in August and in all that "free time" I have am also training up my talented, loud leopard appy I've owned since he was a yearling. Never a dull moment.

  13. Hi! I'm new to your blog, but enjoying catching up. I own a TB/Andalusian cross 6yo mare, Tiger Lily, whom I rescued from an abusive situation 2 years ago. We've dabbled consistently in classical dressage and are contemplating CTR/LD rides in the future...hopefully once Lily is done rehabbing from her mild annular ligament strain, which we've been working hard on for the last 3 months. I also occasionally cover some aspects of my job-I'm a licensed vet tech working in the ER of a large specialty animal hospital. And I do post several times a week. :)




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