July 24, 2013

Product Review: Bates Caprilli Dressage Saddle...take two!

Back in 2010 when Rose was first started under saddle, I tried out a Bates Caprilli, thinking that it might make the most sense since her top line would keep changing for a few years. Although I found it comfy at the time, I didn't like how much "bounce" it had (click here to read my original review). However, my lovely JRD that I purchased back then, which had room for her to grow into, has become too narrow for her WIDE withers. I had considered purchasing another saddle off someone I knew which fit Rose perfectly right now, but then when I was trying to sell her it seemed silly to me to invest in a saddle that would only fit Rose. I decided to give the Bates another try.

Granted, it's not as fancy as the other saddle, but the leather is good (not fancy), it fits Rose decently, and fits me great. I really like how my leg falls in the saddle and I don't even feel like I need the additional removable knee blocks. I also like that the seat is not super deep. This time around it does not seem bouncy in the least. All I can figure is that the one I tried back in 2010 had too much air in the CAIR pannels, or this one has less. Not sure, but it's comfy, fits me well and Rose seems happy with it too so it's a keeper.

Next step is selling my JRD Accord (click here for original blog post) . Anyone interested in a 17.5" M/W saddle? It is adjustable by a saddle fitter, only there are none around here. Those of you in more english country would have better luck than I in that area. Anyway, it is a lovely saddle and I'd keep it if I could afford to hoard, but alas I cannot! I'm asking $1100 and I take paypal.

From 1210...Rose wearing the JRD.

Happy trails and swooshing tails! 

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