July 12, 2013

Product Reveiw: Rambo Fly Protector Sheet

Rose has had her new Rambo Fly Protector sheet on for a week now. I bought the sheet last winter on a massive discount at our local tack store. Boy am I glad that I did. So far so good. No rubs and no holes. We'll see how long it will last as she likes to scratch on fence posts. Compared to her old stiff Schneider's dura-mesh fly sheet the Rambo is buttery soft. I was a little worried that would mean that it wouldn't hold up, but it does seem very well built. She definitely seems happier as well. No more giant horse fly welts on her body and I have to say that the sheet is keeping her coat super clean and shiny as a bonus.

Rose modeling her new Rambo Fly Protector sheet.
Rose is too big for an 81" blanket but not quite an 84", which means the blanket hangs off her hind end a bit, but I'd rather see than than the ugly rubs she got last summer from her old and too small fly sheet. The Rambo also has a smooth liner at the shoulders to prevent rubbing, so between a better fit and the lining I'm hoping that this sheet works out better for her. If she were in my back yard I'd simply take the sheet off every night and not worry so much about rubs. However, that is a service that our barn doesn't offer in the summer, so I'm hoping that this sheet will be the solution.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. She is gorgeous modeling her fly sheet. :D Are there trees in her pasture? Chrome has sweet itch so he really needs one but I'm afraid he will destroy it on our trees and thick brush..... He needs one of the really expensive kind that work against gnats, not a regular fly sheet so I'm afraid to spend that kind of money and have him destroy it.....

    1. She is currently in a large dry lot with her pasturemate until the hay in their field gets cut. There are three old fence posts still standing in the center of the paddock from when it used to be two dry lots, so that or the shelter are really the only things she can rub on. Then of course there is also the other horse, who I know likes to chew on her as she has eaten an entire 6" section of Rose's mane. I've found a few splinters in the sheet, so I know she's rubbing on the posts, but so far it is still holding up. This fly sheet might start a really expensive Rambo blanket addiction...

  2. She looks gorgeous modeling her fly sheet! Does she have trees or brush in her pasture? Chrome has Sweet Itch so he needs one of those really expensive gnat proof fly sheets, but I'm too afraid to spend the money because I'm afraid he will tear it up on the trees, brush, sticker bushes or that the donkey will chew it up....



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