July 26, 2013

No More Facebook

Some of you happened to find me in "real life" on Facebook many moons ago, and I've enjoyed seeing your additional posts in FB land. However, for non-horse related reasons (too much work, not enough time to waste addictively checking the time suck that is FB) I bit the bullet and deleted* my FB account. So please do not worry that I un-friended you if you happened to be one of the few bloggers who found me in real life.

That being said, I manage a couple Facebook pages and groups, so I couldn't really get rid of it for good. So I did set up another account under my blogger pen name. So if you really want to still be FB friends with me you can find me that way. However it won't be all that exciting as I don't use it for posting, just for managing those pages/groups now.

So that's the deal. I have to say it's been three weeks now and I don't miss it at all! There was of course a few days where I still addictively went to check it, but that quickly passed. Oh, and a magical thing happened. I started actually talking to my friends and getting together with them. What an old school novelty!

*Deletion is permanent and removes all posts and photos you ever posted. This is different than deactivation, which leaves all that out there. There is a two week wait with deletion in which you cannot log in or you will automatically reactivate the account, and then poof everything is gone for ever.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. I admire you. I have a facebook problem...

  2. My hubby and I deactivated almost a year ago and it was the best decision. Yes, I miss seeing cute photos of my friends kids and what not, but I for sure do not miss the drama it brought into my life and the ADDICTIVENESS of it! I always direct people to my blog if they want to know about what I'm up to :)



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