July 1, 2013

New Pen Name

I've struggled with my pen name of DS for a while now. I just randomly started using it when I started this blog....four years ago (egads). It was just an abbreviation of the random email address that I set up my account with. However, google+ requires"real" names on profiles now so it seemed like a good time to change. Thus, I have decided to change my pen name to my middle name Renee, which I think it is more fitting but still provides me some internet anonymity. Best yet, if you met me in person I would even respond to it. You could call me DS all day long and I probably wouldn't even turn my head...as it's just two random letters that don't mean a whole lot. So that's my totally off topic post of the day. I just wanted to clear up why suddenly my sign off has changed and why....in the event that anyone noticed!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!



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