July 20, 2013

Happy Foot Video

I was able to make it to the barn today to hop on Rose. Ever since she got her shoes put on she's been noticeably more forward and loft has returned to her gate. After our ride today she still seemed to have energy to burn, so I decided to free longe her in the indoor arena. I have to say, I'm quite lucky in the fact that although it is rather hot (upper 80's - 90's) outside our indoor stays nice and cool (60's). This makes riding in the afternoons manageable, even though I'd rather ride outside. Anyway, it has been a long time sine Miss Thing actually kicked up her heels while being free longed, and I did manage to pull out my phone (sorry for poor video quality) and catch one lovely buck fart gallop routine on video for your viewing pleasure. So behold, Rose's lovely trot has returned along with some fun acrobatics.

On a side note, she also continues to be completely dead quite and stoic in the cross ties. I keep catching myself thinking "darn, I should have put shoes on her a long time ago".

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. She is quite the beauty!

  2. She looks great! Seems that shoes agree with her :-)

  3. She's looking so good! Glad that the shoes have helped her!

  4. Rose looks stellar! Glad she likes the kicks :)

  5. She looks wonderful! So shiny and healthy too :)



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