July 14, 2013

Happy Feet

I had planned on riding Rose on Saturday, but had forgotten that we had a wedding to attend that day. Unfortunately this meant that I couldn't get to the barn until Sunday. I had checked on her to assess how she was doing with the new shoes this past Wednesday and she seemed much happier although still a tiny bit sore on that stubborn left front. As such, I didn't have compete confidence that all would be well went I went out to ride. Fear not though, she trotted out completely sound, and perky, on the asphalt! Woo-hoo!

As one would expect she had more pep than she has in a while. I imagine it is due to her having a bit of time off coupled with happy feet. When I first asked her to trot under saddle I was a bit surprised. She jumped into the trot and oh-my-goodness there was so much movement and spring in her gate. I hadn't realized that had been missing for a while until it now suddenly returned. We had a nice warm up at the walk and trot, and then again at the canter she was feeling her oats a bit and gave a gleeful (I kid you not) kick-out. It was like she was saying "yes, my feet don't hurt"!

After our ride (and before it) she stood completely still in the cross ties while I groomed her and tacked her up/un-tacked. Despite riding in the coolish morning air, I had to sponge her off from a bit of girth sweat, so I decided to pull her mane while she dried off. She stood so still the whole time that I actually checked to see if she fell asleep. This has never previously happened when I've pulled her mane. Not once.

Now of course I'm wondering if her silliness in the cross ties all this time has been due to her feet. If that is the case, then her feet have been sore for a while. I wouldn't want to stand still if my feet hurt either. No sense in berating myself about though I suppose. At least she has shoes on now and her feet seem much happier. Moving forward...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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