July 30, 2013

Big Girl Turnout Blanket

Now that Rose has likely stopped slowed her growing down, and is finally grown up enough to play nicely with her sheets and blankets, I decided it was high time that I actually invest in a good turnout blanket, and stop repairing Rose's tattered lower-end blankets from her younger days. I have coveted Rambo Wug turnouts for a very long time. However, the $300 price tag has always been hard for me to swallow. So, I've been purposefully shopping for one sale mid-summer, before the full price fall blanket purchasing frenzy begins. It seems I'm always shopping off season...nothing like going broke getting a good deal, eh? So...enter Ebay. Hello, closeout color (which I actually prefer to this seasons' purple) of navy and silver with the high neck (Rose does not do neck covers, no sir) in a medium weight, will you be my friend for $200? Heck yes!

"Lady...it's 90ºF, will you take this friggin' snow suit off me already?"

After realizing that her 84" Rambo Fly Protector is definitely too big for her (but not a big deal for a fly sheet), I decided to order the 81" in the turnout. I am very happy to report that it seems to fit her perfectly. In the photo it looks like the neck is a bit tight, but when she's not impersonating a giraffe it is much looser. Some aspects of the Rambos that I love and I think are worth the extra money are the angled front clips and vertical strip of velcro at the front, the three surcingles on the belly which eliminate the need for leg straps, and the PVC coated tail strap in the back. Obviously the leg arches and the high neck are just a nice style thing. I assume I'll like the anti-microbial liner, but since we haven't used the blanket yet I can't weigh in on that one.

Now to wait for winter....sadly the wait won't be that long around here.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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