May 6, 2013

Tying practice

Rose ties pretty well these days, but I figure it's always good to have more practice. I've long been remiss about the fact that pretty much no facility I've boarded at has had a place I could leave her tied for long periods while keeping an eye on her. Then, the other day, while I put away our jumps and she wondered around the arena naked it occurred to me that a while back (when I was pregnant) the BO put up a tie ring and I could now feasibly tie her up while I set up and put away jump. This would be handy in several ways:
  1. Rose gets more practice standing tied while something is going on (me banging jump standards and poles around)
  2. Jump set up/put away will go faster as I can just leave the arena gate open.
  3. I don't have to pull my tack and then re-tack her when we leave (she's threatened to roll in my tack recently...leading to the naked wondering time post ride)
So, last night I grabbed a blocker tie ring, brought her halter to the arena with us, and gave it a go. I wish I had done this ages ago! It saves me so much time and I feel certain that a young horse can never have enough time spent standing tied and developing patients.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Very efficient! I have The Clip and find it great for tying in a pinch. I even use it in the horse trailer.

  2. That's brilliant!!! And yes tying training is the best for teaching patience. :) In fact I need to work with Chrome on it again... hehe. It's been a while.



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