May 18, 2013

So much for the schooling show...

I was SO excited. Everything magically fell into place for me to be able to take Rose to the schooling show tomorrow. Then I went to the barn tonight to ride Rose and pack the trailer and everything came to a screeching halt. Or rather, a wiggly, peeing, distracted, annoying halt.

Rose came into heat today...and it's a BAD heat.

Normally Rose is still pretty good under saddle even when she is in heat. I was still able to ride her, but she was hella forward, distracted by everything, and just didn't want to listen. Just grooming her took a lot of patience.

I have noticed that the past couple of months she has been much more mareish when in heat than normal. I'm not sure why. Maybe she's at an age where her body wants to reproduce so she's crabbier than when she was younger? I don't know. I do know is that I had enough fun dealing with her tonight that I have no desire to deal with her in heat at a show. Gah! If I weren't selling her I would totally speak to my vet about getting her on some form of cycle control for the season. As it is I have a new person coming to look at her on Sunday, so I'm praying that she gets over the hump of the heat before then!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Dee had one super ugly heat this spring too. Like she couldn't even walk past another horse...she had to waddle while she peed the whole way. Maybe it's this ridiculous Montana spring that's set them off.

  2. Hope she is ladylike for her showing this weekend and whoever comes to look at her finds her absolutely lovely.

  3. This is why I don't have mares!! Sorry about the show.... Good luck with the potential buyer.



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