May 20, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

We've all been concerned about the lack of rain, and thus the absence of spring this year. Usually that means a bad forest fire year is upon us. We have already had two forest fires (man made of slash pile and the other an idiotic arsonist). While threat of fire is always a concern, I was delighting in the dry warm weather and loving the absolute lack of mud this year. Until three days ago. It has not stopped raining since. Spring showed up late, but fast an furious.

Happily we have a nice indoor arena, so I can still ride. And even more happily, as of Saturday morning Rose was back to her mostly happy non-cranky and only somewhat peeing self. I could have actually taken her to the show after all, but I'm glad I played it conservative.

Sunday morning rolled around quickly enough and I had a gal out to try Rose. She seemed like a nice lady, getting back into riding now that she's in retirement. I honestly don't expect a call back though. Regardless of the fact hat Rose was very good and I felt it went well and she liked Rose, after watching her ride Rose I think she is still a bit green for the gal. Basically, Rose can somehow figure out immediately when a rider has little experience and will refuse to do much of anything but walk and halt. This is especially noticeable on days like Sunday when she was more forward than usual (it was definitely a no spur day...I think just from the fact that she was in heat). The gal in my opinion seemed to need a school master, and if I were her trainer that is what I would recommend. She's wanting to take the plunge into dressage, has no dressage experience, and hasn't ridden in a long time. Even a well behaved six year old like Rose would probably be too much horse for her unless she worked with a trainer at least twice a week. She did indicate to me that was her plan, but like I said I'm not going to hold my breath on this one. Which, I suppose is why I'm blogging about it.

Most of the people that have come to look at Rose have been in this category. Basically green riders that want a fancy horse but don't want to pay a fancy price tag. However once they come and meet her they realize that a young fancy horse with a reasonable price tag still needs a lot of training and isn't going to pack them around just yet, so they move on to less fancy options. That's my read on it anyway. So, I've stopped anticipating that she'll sell, and I don't get too excited or nervous about showing her anymore. It's just sort of something I do about twice a month or so.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. I know what you mean about the rain. It's like, yay, we'll have hay and fire season won't start in June. But at the same time...mud...that's not usually something we concern ourselves with in Montana! Our outdoor was half lake today. What a mess. Hopefully the sun comes out for the weekend.

    I'm sure a match will come along for Rose eventually. I had some friends trying to sell a fancy but green horse last year and it definitely took a while. A lot of riders liked him but couldn't keep up with his big personality (I rode him once and he definitely required a particular touch and a lot of confidence to call him out). But someone did come along. It will happen!

  2. We've had the opposite with the rain. Its like we switched places with yall. It has been raining for WEEKS. WEEEEEEEEKS!! The mud is unbelievable and the poor horses cant even go outside because its like freakin quicksand! Ugh! But give it a month and we'll apparently be in a drought and will have all these water restrictions.

    The good thing about Rose is that the longer she takes to sell the higher her price tag is going to go. She's not sititng in a paddock going backwards... you are continuing your fabulous work with her and she's only getting better! The right person will definitely come along!

  3. I'm glad you're being picky about who buys her. :) Maybe you need to increase her price to discourage the greenies from coming out lol!!! I'm glad Rose is back to being normal lol.



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