May 15, 2013

New exercise rider for Miss Thing

After EB retired from riding Rose (she got her own horse, fun stuff!) it became apparent to me very quickly that riding 4 nights a week again was going to be rough on my stress level and family life, so I started looking for a new rider for her. Along came WS. She is a very talented and experienced hunter/jumper rider and had been an exercise rider for her trainer back home for years. She's a student at our University and is staying in town for the summer...and need something to do with all her spare time (someone please remind me what spare time used to be like).

We met up on Monday for her to meet Rose, me, and for me to see her ride. The two of them get along smashingly and since WS has lots of spare time this summer she's going to be riding Rose three days during the week, leaving me with the weekend days. Hopefully with the full workload Rose won't turn into too much of a spring grass blimp this year. Yeah right! She's already packed on at least 50lbs and is well on her way to another. I blatantly secretly like the fat hunter look so I'm all fine with it. I snapped a few photos of them riding this afternoon in the outdoor arena. By the end of the ride WS had her figured out pretty well, so I'm hoping all goes well tomorrow on her ride without me.

Hunt hack at the trot. Rider is WS.

Jump school. Rider is WS.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. They look like a great match. That's awesome!

  2. Hooray for another rider! And seconding the love of the 'fat hunter look'.

  3. I agree with the fat hunter look, just like people, I don't like counting ribs on animals. She looks great on Rose :)

  4. They look great together! Rose is gorgeous!!



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