May 3, 2013

April Re-cap & May Goals

Due to Rose's bad trim job and a week and a half off, we didn't get to work on our April goal as consistently as I would have liked. That has left us with a bit of spill over into May.

April Goals:

  1. Begin schooling multiple fence gymnastics. - done!
  2. Move jumps up to 2'3". - fail, fences did not go above 2'.
  3. Solidify flying changes. - fail, Rose started to develop a bit of canter anxiety with schooling these regularly. She started trying to do tempe's on her own accord when I just wanted her to canter a straight line. Now that I know she can do them well enough when asked we are taking a break.

May Goals:

  1. Continue working on gymnastics. Add a third fence to our line.
  2. Move final vertical jump of gymnastic line up to 2'3" oxer.
  3. Attend May 18th local show. Show English Equitation and Hunter Hack (2'6" cross rails).
  4. Have at least one dressage or jumping lesson.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Sounds like very reasonable goals, hope they all get met!

  2. Sounds like great goals! I think you're very smart to give her a break from schooling changes since it's make her a little anxious. That seems common. After a bit of a break to process it all I bet she will be a total pro when you start schooling them again. :)



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