April 15, 2013

Work, work, work. Sell, sell, sell.

Work, work, work:
I'm happy to share that the effects of the recession on my industry are finally lifting. I have been very busy with work so far this year, and especially this month. Sadly, that means between baby and work, I don't get much barn time. I'm so thankful to still have EB hacking Rose twice a week. When I get busy like this and can't even spare an hour on the weekend to run to the barn, it is nice to know that she still gets some lovin' from some one.

Sell, sell, sell:
As for selling Rose, I keep getting calls and emails from interested buyers. Several people have tried her, but none have gone full bore yet though and carried through with an offer and pre-purchase exam. There have been several serious potential buyers and A LOT of looky-loos. 'Tis the nature of selling a horse in her price range, that isn't a reining horse, when you live  far from the english horse world in Montana. To be honest though, as much as it has been a struggle on my schedule to make it to the barn 4x a week, I've been really enjoying it once I am there. Rose is coming along so nicely and I'm loving spending time with her again. So much so, that I'm not really in a hurry to see her sell. Every day that she accomplishes more her price tag becomes more and more firm!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!

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  1. Both are excellent news :) Bring on that nonnegotiable pricetag that will bring in the dollars :D



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