April 30, 2013

Hoof update & lesson re-cap

After a week and a half off and five days of bute, Rose was finally sound again last Wednesday. She probably would have been okay for light work on Monday, but I figured at that point, what was a few more days off? The following night, Thursday, I headed out to the barn for a late ride as I had been out of town all day on a business trip. Yea five hours of driving for a one hour meeting. Gotta love Montana sometimes! At least I made the most of it and got some shopping done while in the big city (shout out to all you Billings folks). But, I digress. So I rode the girl Thursday night and she felt great so I was looking forward to our lesson the next morning with CR.

Friday morning the weather was beautiful and warm, even at 9:45am, so we rode int he outdoor arena. Rose was terrific! Especially considering that since our last ride outside, three geldings and the resident Oldenburg pony stallion (so so cute) were moved to paddocks next to the arena. Rose was a very good girl. I can't decide if she was showing off for the boys demonstrating what an awesome girl she is or just utterly ignoring them. Regardless she was great and we had a wonderful lesson. Now that her tempo and rhythm are nice and consistent we are working on having her stretch more through her back, becoming round, stretching down to the bit on her own without having to be "pulled" down, and really engaging the hindquarters and pushing from behind. Riding from back to front, as they say. Great stuff to work on!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Glad her feet are doing better!

  2. How frustrating about her feet. Glad they are feeling better, though.

    That is one thing you get used to living in Montana...nothing is nearby!

  3. Go Rose! I'm glad she's feeling better and that you had such a great lesson. :D



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