January 16, 2013

Tack sale SCORE!

Last summer the flies were BAD and Rose's tail lost a good amount of hair from the swatting. I briefly put her old fly sheet on her, which rubbed the heck out of her shoulder. It was the Schneider's Dura-Mesh Original Fly Sheet in size 81" that I got cheap at a tack swap years ago. I will give it to Schneider's that the material is pretty durable. It is also very stiff and like I mentioned above, in one day it rubbed her shoulder bare. She'd also out grown it a bit too, so that may have been part of the problem. Regardless, I decided that if I needed to get a new sheet for her, it was time to do some research, get one that won't rub, will be durable yet comfortable, and last more than one summer.

After much deliberation between Dover's Rider's International Hug Fly Sheet and the Rambo Fly Protector, I decided to go with the Rambo. The Hug sheet is more affordable, but I also figured that it would likely die sooner. In addition, anytime I've worked at a barn and had to deal with blanking horses I've always found the Hug style to be a pain to put on and take off. Ever since the end of the fly season, I've been keeping an eye on internet Rambo fly sheet sales for months. Then my Ariat Bromont Tall Winter Boots arrived at our tack shop. Since it is a half hour drive and a bit of trouble (packing up baby, organizing day around nap time, etc.) to get there, I of course did a bit of browsing while there.

Then I saw it.  The clearance table!

There was the usual amount of random nicknacks and curios scattered about the top of the table on 75% off. Most of that stuff you would have to pay me to walk out of the store with. I still gave it a good amount of scrutiny, as you never know what you might find. Then I noticed bags of fly sheets and turnout sheets on the floor under the table. Next I noticed a 40% off sign for said sheets. I quickly glanced around and noticed some big block letters on a brownish fly sheet that said Rambo.


I frantically sifted through the pile of sheet bags.

Sure enough there was a 84" Rambo Fly Protector sheet on sale. Quite happy with my find, I quickly snatched it up and cannot wait to use it this summer! Oh the joys of getting a good deal at the tack store.

P.S. There are a lot of fly sheets still on sale at Four Corner's Saddlery if any Montana's are in the area and in need. I recommend stopping in for a look.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Remember the days you could just put on shoes and go somewhere? Now trips include a pile of baby gear precision nap time planning and a little luck. i always feel bad when I get to the tack store and the baby fusses, takes all the fun out of browsing when the hubby is holding a fussy baby. THat's a great find!

  2. I have that sheet too..just love it!

  3. way to go! I love getting a good deal at the tack store, most of the time I leave and immediately have to hide my receipt!

  4. I just love good deals. I went into Gallops today for one thing and got sucked in by a rack of HALF OFF bits. How can I pass that up?



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