January 12, 2013

Riding Boot Fashion Trend - update & review

I guess you could call this boot week!

You might remember that following my black Friday purchase of skinny jeans this past fall, I couldn't get the idea of purchasing a pair of fashionably practical brown "riding boots" out of my head. I had it narrowed down to a few pair that I liked, and eventually I found sometime between naps, grocery shopping, and riding to run off to REI and try them on. I decided on the Keen Bern Baby Bern boots. The only hitch? The $160 price tag. Yes I am an REI member, but getting 10% back on the purchase still didn't make them affordable. So I decided to wait. Painfully wait. When I make up my mind on something, after much deliberation, waiting is not my forte. But I did it. I waited. Then last week the price on the internet dropped to $90! They were still full price at REI, so I decided to get online and snatch up a pair before my all to common shoe size and color preference was gone*. They arrived yesterday and I cannot be more please with my purchase.

Sporting my new "tall boots"

Like most keen footwear the soles and arch support are wonderfully supportive and comfortable. I haven't worn them outside yet, but the soles seem nice a thick and insulating in terms of the snow. Jr. is sleeping right now, but I think we will have to venture out in the sub-zero (oh yeah, hello -1ºF) temps just so that I can break them in. Who doesn't like to play with a new toy?

*Mind you, I still had to explain to my Huby why I needed a pair of tall boots that I can't ride in. I don't think he quite got it, but he did mention to me this morning (after a thorough inspection of them in our closet) that they look much better in person than online. Heh. Men. Gotta love 'em.

As for Rose, she's gotten the last couple days off due to the extreme cold weather. Insulated indoor arena or not, I can't in good mind make her work, build up her body temp, and then throw her back out into the arctic. Call me a softy. Whatever!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. CUTE boots! :) Totally "needed" lol

  2. I love the boots, they are soo cute! Deffo 100% needed!

  3. They look fantastic on you! Hubby should approve of that :)

  4. Those are awesome!! I love the picture too. You look like a professional model. :D ........ now I want a pair of those boots..... grr! :D



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