January 11, 2013

Product Review: Ariat Bromont Tall Winter Boots

Usually I wait until I've used a product a couple time before doing a review, but I felt that just after one use these boots already deserved a review, because...

They are fabulous!

Stylin' in our winter wear!

Never having owned winter riding boots before (or ones with zippers), I completely expected to have the same "break in" period that normal field boots have. After one ride though, it became apparent that there is no break in required. These boots are soft and comfortable right off the bat. I didn't notice the zipper at all. My feet stayed completely warm the entire time riding and on the ground. There is enough room in them for toes to wiggle and to wear smartwool socks. Yet they are still very supportive and look very nice. The sued inner calf is also a nice touch for extra saddle grip during no stirrup work. They are a bit bulkier than normal tall boots, but that is to be expected. So far I am one happy customer!
View from above. A little bulkier than summer boots
but not bad!
Happy trails and swooshing tails!



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