January 2, 2013

Monday Lesson

We had a great lesson with CR on Monday. Lots of working on tempo, rhythm and contact for Rose, and position work for me. Apparently my dressage position has completely become over run my my old hunter eq position. Pregnancy apparently erased two years of dressage position work for me. So that's my big homework assignment, sit up and get my bum in the saddle!

After five days in a row of working, I decided that Rose would get yesterday and today off. I'll be back out to the barn tomorrow evening to attempt my goal of working her four days per week. Once EB gets back from winter break Miss Thing will be getting worked five days a week. This will be good for her and for me. I'm looking forward to working on our dressage homework this week and also popping her over some jumps. Hopefully after the last week she will be more focused. Regardless she won't be in heat anymore so that will also help with the focus!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. The new blog header is really cool! :)

  2. Just noticed the new blog header it looks super cool! The Dressage seat can be hard its all i do and I still struggle at times!

  3. yay for a good lesson!



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