January 27, 2013

Free Jumping

Rose jumping 3'6"

My good friend BA was in town visiting us this weekend, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to have her help and set up a jump shoot. Behold the fun...

I tried something new with the shoot design, since at my current barn we have a small quantity of standards and poles. Instead of using poles for the side of the shoot I grabbed a roll of engineer's tape and prayed that she would think it is a solid object. However, just in case she ran through it it would be soft enough to easily break without getting caught around a leg. Luckily she respected it and it worked like a charm. I think it is rather non-invasive to look at as well! As for the layout of the jump shoot, or the "course", I set up a canter pole, 9' to a 2' vertical, then 21' to the oxer. To begin, we started with both jumps set as ex's. After she completed the shoot she got a treat at the end of the arena. I like doing this because it teaches the horse to stop after the jump shoot and not just keep running around the arena. Once we had her happily running through the shoot jumping just ex's we put up the vertical and then started the oxer at 2' 6" and went up from there until she got tired, which was at 3'6". She definitely shows scope to go higher though, so I think as she keeps getting back into shape I'll free jump her some more.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. She looks great, very creative with the tape!

  2. good girl! she looks awesome!

  3. She is a lovely jumper!

  4. She did great!!! That's exactly how we set up our jump chutes too! :D



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