December 29, 2012

Winter heat???

Posing for the relatives, post ride.
I am taking advantage of my family being in town and getting out to ride Rose as much as possible. I was looking forward to having an even better ride today (day three in a row) only to discover she is in raging heat! We still rode of course, as she is actually quite good under saddle when in heat, but she was definitely distracted. I ended up gaining her full attention though and I am hoping tomorrow is a more focused less in-heat day. How does a mare come into heat at the end of December? Gesh!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. It's the arena lights that keep her cycling... Gotta love a mare!

    1. That's a good point. I hadn't ever thought about that arena lights could effect their cycle. In our case though i don't think it's the lights since I primarily ride during the day. However, it has been snowy here for a while, it's generally clear skies, and it was a full moon the other day. So, perhaps all the light from the moon and the snow is effecting her the same way as lights would. Very interesting stuff!

  2. Mares always have something up their sleeves!

  3. Can't live with them or without them, right! Happy you are getting in more rides and have more time with family - can't beat that :)

  4. Mares seem to always have something planned! Glad that you are getting more rides in though and that your getting to see your family more!



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