December 26, 2012

Santa did good this year...

It took a few years, but my wishlist is finally paying off. For some reason people have a really hard time grasping that yes, all I want for Christmas/birthday/anniversary/gift-giving-holidays are horse related items. My friends and family seem to be getting the idea at long last! So...what did Santa bring me this year?

BOOTS! Not just any boots, but the Ariat bromont tall winter boots. Yea warm winter riding toes. Now I can school and show in the the winter without freezing my toes off (winter lasts until May here). Get this, Hubs noticed the 20% winter sale post card that arrived in the mail a few weeks ago for our local tack shop and ran down there to snatch a pair up! He gets gold stars for a year!

SHOW SHIRT! I haven't had a new show shirt since college. I also weigh 30lbs less than I did in college, so this is a very welcomed addition to my wardrobe.

BOOK! The Complete Equine Veterinary Manual by Tony Pavord. I've wanted a copy of this book for an eternity. Now I can finally check that off my list.

Of course I got plenty of non-horse related gifts, and they all rock as well. So it was a fairly good horsey Christmas for me. Now I just need to get out to the barn to see Rose so that I can start breaking in my new boots. Oh joy.

Merry Christmas (or happy whatever holiday or lack there of you celebrate) everyone. I hope you are all having a wonderful time with friends and family, and just plain enjoying the holiday season.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Lucky you! My family thinks I'm some sort of addict and they refuse to spend a penny on horse stuff.

    Then they think I'm hard to shop for? Weird.

    You'll have to review those boots! Warm feet do sound appealing.

  2. Warm feet while riding - can't beat that! What a great hubby you have :) Enjoy your holidays with that sweet new baby!

  3. YAY!!! I love getting horse stuff for christmas because that is what i got for christmas to, as i haven't got the horse yet, they buy me things that will halp for when I do have a horse!

  4. Those boots look so awesome! Funny, I had commented to my husband just before Christmas that it was looking like the first year since I can remember that I didn't get something horsey (I have an incredible knack for guessing Christmas presents)...and then I got a Schneiders gift certificate from my family in my email. I should have known that it wasn't possible to have a non-horsey Christmas! lol

  5. Awesome presents!!! :) Seriously it's all I want too!

    Glad your hubbs got you some sweet boots!



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