December 7, 2012

Riding boot fashion trend

Every few years "riding boots" become a fashion trend. I've always thought this was silly since they look nothing like riding boots most of the time and there is no way you could ride in most of them, but that's me nit picking I guess. This year however I've started scouring the internet for a pair of brown boots. Why? Well I went black Friday shopping for the first time in years. Years!

It was great. MIL was still here and babysat. I got to be all alone with a million sale crazed holiday shoppers. Well, I could have done without all the other people, but it was nice to have some "me" time. Whilst shopping I found a great deal on a pair of skinny jeans. Yes, Hubs, you read that right. I bought skinny jeans! They are already washed and the tags no returns. Fret not Hubs: I'm not turning into a hipster. Hubs is not a fan of the hipster look.

Hubs: hipster - not your wife
I purchased said skinny jeans to wear when the weather requires me to don my cute fluffy pack boots around town. Stuffing boot cut jeans into calf-knee high boots looks silly to me, and has always bothered me. Unfortunately most the time it's too cold to throw on tights and a skinny jeans it is.
Hubs: not hipster - that's what I'm talking about

However, thinking about wearing them with my pack boots got me re-thinking the "riding boot" fashion trend. I want brown boots. For some reason I love brown leather and blue jeans. I am also obsessed with red zippers too, but I think I'll have to forgo that fashion point since I need boots that are good quality, made of real leather, waterproof and warm for living in snow country and red zippered boots don't seem to accompany any of those other requirements.

I was surprised to see that Merrill, Keen, and North Face all have nice leather tall boots. Now I just need to figure out which ones I want. I'm leaning toward these options:

Merrell Captiva Launch Waterproof

Keen Bern Baby Bern Boots

Keen Laken High Waterproof Boots
Now, I just need to justify the cost...

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. They remind me of a more polished version of the Dubarry!

  2. Ohhh I too wear that look with the 'riding boots' that really do not look like riding boots, but at one point i could wear leggins with actual riding boots and it still look okay. Personally I love the last pair let us know what you pick :)

  3. I like all your picks, but the first set have almost a casual riding boot meets biker boot that I dig. I have really come to love leggings or skinny jeans and tall boots, especially since I got over trying to wear heels and went with flat boots :)

  4. I personally like the last one. Usually I don't like skinny jeans, but with boots... not bad.

  5. Those are really cute!! I want one of each lol. I'm also not really a fan of skinny jeans, but with knee high boots they actually look good. :D



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