December 10, 2012

Potential baby daddy at long last!

Every year around this time I start thinking about who I would breed Rose to if I were to breed her, and generally I come up with some okay options, since most the one's I like reside over seas. However, for the first time, I've found a stallion in the USA that meets all my requirements and that I would actually want to breed Rose to. So much so that it's sending delusional ideas through my head that maybe I should breed her. I'm not going to. Not now anyway. I won't do that until the day that I have my own land so that I'm not paying board on a pregnant mare and then a addition to the third horse I'll need to buy or lease so that I can keep riding. But, since this is all hypothetical meet:

For Enjoy Ask Z (I hate the name and hope that this is just a really bad translation from German, that or someone had a terrible sense of naming a foal). He seems to have a second name, Enska, which I like much better but assume is just his barn name. He is listed as For Enjoy Ask Z with isr/oldenburg NA.
Something I'm picky about in terms of confirmation is the stallion's topline. I think Rose's back is a tad long, so I definitely want a stallion that has a shorter back. Check! Height. I don't want something to big since Rose is already big herself. This guy is 16.2h. Perfect! I also want to know that they are equally talented in jumping and dressage. Check & check!
After I've checked out those issues, then it comes down to pedigree. This is where potential stallion matches come up short. If I'm going to invest in the money, time, and stress to breed my own horse then I am going to have the best bred foal I can possibly produce. One would argue that I should breed a different mare if that's my stance, but to some extent I can only afford so much, so I have to work with what I got, and Rose is actually pretty good broodmare candidate.

I want to breed to a stallion that compliments Gatsby's pedigree (obviously I'm not looking to put more strength on Rose's unknown quarter horse/percheron genes). Enska definitely does. He has great G and F Hanoverian lines (which is what I'm looking for), which when combined with Rose's pedigree offers some nice fourth and fifth generation linebreeding that shows strength for jumping. Then the last thing that I think about, which isn't a deciding factor at all but is totally icing on the cake, is color and chrome. This guy has it all. I love dark horses black or dark bay, and of course chrome is always nice.

At this point I think I'll be dreaming about what a For Enjoy Ask Z x Rose/Gatsby colt might look like.

If anyone is curious here is a link to his American (current) website: and here is his old website with many more photos:

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. wow that horse is gorgeous, would be amazing! I can just imagine the foal!

  2. Nice! I vote yes to breeding.

  3. He's gorgeous!!!! This is why I don't have a mare! It's so hard to not want to breed them lol. I would love to see what she would produce with him. I bet it would be drool worthy!

    Oh and thanks for the compliments on my Chrome LOL! Just kidding. I know you were talking about chrome white markings, but I couldn't resist hehehe!



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