December 5, 2012

Backing a trailer? No problem...

My trailer had been living at my house for a while as I practiced hauling it around town. However, it is against our HOA covenants to have trailers parked in driveways, and since we are on the HOA board, we figured that we were kinda pushing it. Also, we needed our driveway space back. So the trailer needed to go back to the barn now that I'm done hauling horses around town for the semester. Hubs of course was trying to figure out when he would have time to do it. HA! No need for that. I happily boasted that I would simply haul it back to the barn on my next trip out. With much relief, Hubs happily accepted my offer. Then we both simultaneously remembered that I haven't had any, none, zero, zilch experience backing the trailer. I do however take direction well and have good visualization skills. Hubs walked me through the fundamentals and I was out the door.

Back where she belongs.
For some reason backing the trailer never concerned me. I had zero anxiety about it. I just hauled the trailer to the barn (whilst drinking coffee and going the speed limit through a windy canyon...booyah), pulled in the lot, did a five million point turn to inch over to my space and avoid all sorts of random logs and various questionable items scattered about and parked the darn thing. It did take some concentration and thought, but overall I succeeded with very little trouble. I am quite proud of myself and very much looking forward to a summer full of trail rides and shows.

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Great job! Need to add this to my list of things to learn...

  2. That's definitely something to be proud of! Way to go

  3. That's awesome...definitely takes practice to master that!

  4. woo hoo! i need a trailer :)

  5. thats amazing, something to be proud of :) well done



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