November 27, 2012

The overly friendly barn cat

We recently added two new barn cats to our stable, as our old and overweight tabby wasn't doing much mousing. They are kittens and spent their first two months locked in the barn office. Now however, they have free rein of the barn. There is a fast, sly, short haired grey one that is always hiding somewhere, and a fluffy tri-colored friendly cat.

Crazy friendly barn cat.

Meet the friendly cat. She's cute and I've happily given her a scratch or two before. Usually others are around and she's on someone else's lap or perched on a shoulder. However, Sunday I was the only one at the barn, which made me friend number one. I greeted her with a hello and a scratch, because even though I'm allergic to cats I really like them, and she is just too darn cute and fluffy to resist. She instantly became my shadow...and I was bent over to put on my muck boots she jumped on my back! LOL. I was not sure what to do. With much difficulty, I managed to stand up and get her off my back without her claws tearing into my down jacket. However, with the taste of success on her lips she would not give up her quest to ride on my shoulders. She jumped on my tack trunk and on various saddles in an attempt to get higher up and fly launch onto my back. I started laughing out loud, the whole thing was ridiculously funny at the time. Crazy friendly cat trying desperately to ride on my shoulders, and me running a muck trying to keep her off of me. Oh, to be a fly on the wall and watch what was going on. I'm sure I would have been rolling in laughter!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. How cute! Our barn cats are super friendly too. I find it especially funny since they are more friendly than our cat at home, go figure ;)



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