November 18, 2012

Taking it off!

I made it to the barn on Saturday, after a three week absence. There was perfect storm of weekend events this past month that kept me away from the barn, by hundreds of miles each week. My weekend obligations have now ended thank goodness, and I have no plans to be away again until February! I am looking forward to finally getting some dedicated pony time. Now if Jr. will start being consistently easy for Hubs in the evenings, perhaps I will be able to squeak out a couple week nights at the barn too. That may be wishful thinking though. We shall see. The one thing this new mom stuff has taught me is to not plan on anything, and just go with the flow...hence no more set plans for a long time.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny winter day. There is still some snow on the ground from the storm a week ago, so the barn looks like a winter wonder land. Despite the chilly weather, Rose was a good girl and I was delighted that there were two other boarders (that's pretty much all of us) tacking up at the barn when I arrived, so I got to have some adult non-work conversation. It was great. Also, because I was not alone, I did something that I've been longing to do for a while now. After our ride, I pulled my saddle and hopped on Rose bareback! I had only done this once before, when she was three, shortly after she was started. Back then she was skinny and I felt like there was nothing to hang onto, she was also unpredictable, bad a steering, and spooky at times, so that was the one and only time I rode her bareback. Now however, she is as comfortable as a couch and so well behaved. I think that I can certainly ride her bareback when no one else is around now. I plan on doing plenty more!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. Another good thing I found about riding bareback - keeps you warm! I hoped on my Riva bareback to walk her out after loungeing last week and she was toasty warm :)

  2. ohhhhh sounds like you had a good time. I'm glad that you'll get some more pony times

  3. Yay for bareback!! That's awesome. I've only ridden Chrome in a saddle once lol.



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