October 24, 2012

Why I am a USEF member

It was time for my annual renewal of my USEF membership a few weeks ago. I happily got online and got us up to date. Often non-showing horse people in my world ask me why I bother with the membership, when (certainly now) I am not currently showing rated shows? "That's simple" I tell them "for the liability coverage".

I am greeted with a look of confusion and then awareness. It never crosses most people's minds that they should have liability coverage on their horse. After a few seconds pass, the preverbial "What liability coverage?" follow up question arrives.

I proceed to explain, that a USEF membership comes with a group liability insurance policy for the year that covers you and your horse from any liability damages, and why you should have coverage for your horse. For instance, your horse jumps out of it's pasture and runs down a road causing a traffic accident. You are covered.

I used to have separate liability coverage on Rose, in case she hurt anyone when they were handling her back in her young, unhandled, wild days. Then it came time to start showing her and I registered her and got my membership. Among the papers was this liability insurance that I was unaware of. The best part is, the cost of the USEF membership that includes the liability insurance is 1/3 the cost of a separate liability policy just for Rose. I immediately dropped my extra coverage and have been a USEF member ever since!

Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. There are a number of perks beyond showing that keep me renewing. One I just discovered (not nearly as serious as liability but still) was a discount at SmartPak!

    1. True! I just took advantage of that yesterday. Farmvet, among others, also gives the discount.

  2. Cool I didn't know about that! I wonder if the USDF has that.....



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