October 10, 2012

Static is Back

I got to see my horse today. Yea! Unfortunately it was just a quick hello to hold her while Rose was getting her toes trimmed. It has been so dry here for the past three months (basically no rain at all) that her feet have been cracking and chipping a lot. I finally managed to get my two remaining post-pregnancy brain cells to bounce together and realized that I had a tub of Rainmaker hoof dressing in my tack trunk. EB and I have been diligently applying it for the past two weeks now and I like to imagine it might be helping. However, I should have busted it out in July to prevent the damage in the first place. Lesson learned. Next summer I will be all over that. The good news is that all of the cracking and chipping is minor and superficial. It's just not that pretty to look at.

Static Tail
After her trim, I decided to give Rose a quick groom before jetting back home to Jr. After running my pick through her tail I had to step back in a bit of humored amazement. Her tail looked electrified and was sticking out and clinging to anything it could, be it a leg or thin air. Winter is quickly approaching in Montana, and Rose already has a thick coat coming in. The snow  static just reminds me that clipping and blanketing is right around the corner. Fun times...not!

My yard last Wednesday
Happy trails and swooshing tails!


  1. I think you do lot of hard work for your horse. That's very good.

  2. Yeah I'm not looking forward to winter either.

    One of the best ways to prevent cracking and chipping is to not let the wall ever touch the ground. You can have your farrier bevel the edges of her hooves to help, but the wall may grow back to the ground between trims depending on how far apart they are and how fast she grows. The hoof wall isn't meant to support their weight so that's why it chips (it's way of self trimming). Faran's are notorious for cracking/chipping if his hoof walls reach the ground, regardless of the weather and moisture level, just because he weighs so much. Chrome's doesn't crack, he just gets clubby high heels sadly. Keep in mind I'm no expert, this is just my speculation from the research I have done. :)

    Ugh, I hate static!! I get zapped EVERY single time I get out of my car (even this summer I did, normally it's only in the winter)!! I've gotten into the habit of touching my wrist to the metal before opening/closing the door because it doesn't hurt as bad as getting my fingers zapped. Ugh! Chrome's tail gets static in it too. It is funny when they puff out in big static balls lol. :) I'm glad you got to see your girl!!



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